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Pandora Social Responsibility Program

Social responsibility for us is a very important part of our activities.


As a company, we focus on people not only by put people in the center of our attention by offering high-quality products and services but also by choosing a more holistic way of approaching the modern needs of our society.


At the moment, Pandora Bakeries focuses on several fields, including supporting children and schools, supporting local communities, environment and health and illness topics.

Supporting Healthcare

For many years,  Pandora Bakeries have been committed to help many healthcare organizations and foundations. Some of them include ''The Cyprus Anticancer Society'', ''Europa Donna Cyprus'', ''Ena oniro mia efhi (Ένα όνειρο μια ευχή)'' and many others.


Our aim is to support to support charitable organizations and endeavors and support individuals and organizations that provide healthcare.


Supporting Children Wellbeing

Our aim is also to help communities through providing help to children through supporting schools foundations and other related organizations.


We strongly believe that children should be active and happy, in order to fully develop their skills and what is more, deserve to have fun and a good quality of life in a fun creative environment.


We can ensure as a company that many children in our community has not only access to food, but also in opportunities.

For us it is also really helpful to have your opinion and suggest organizations that might need support, in order to better select those who are in need and need our help.

Supporting Local Community

Particularly in times like today, where vulnerable social groups are being tested by economic conditions, social supply and reward should be a key route of action. We support fundraising activities, supporting large-member families, single parents, students and people who do not have access to the basic necessities, such as food.

Environmental Responsibility

One primary focus of our CSR program is the environment. We have started developing ways of how to protect and reduce plastic consumption. 

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