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At Pandora Bakeries, we love creating wonderful cakes on a daily basis! From our fantastic red velvet cake to our opera cake, there’s no better place to choose a cake rather than Pandora.


Our mission is to offer to you fresh tasteful handmade sweets, made from the freshest and finest ingredients and mouth-watering recipes.


Our sweets are produced on a daily basis in our confectionery workshop in Kaimakli. The specific workshop is based in a really central location, which means all the sweets are delivered to our shops on time and what is more, fresh!

Red Velvet Cake
Family size flavored sponge cake, filled and covered with rich cream cheese.
Vanilla-Cherry Cake
Aromatic sponge cake, crème patissiere, home made cherry jam, covered with whipped cream.
Chocolate cake
Are you a chocolate lover?

Traditional chocolate sponge cake, filled with rich chocolate cream and cocoa.
Strawberry Tart
Refreshing and fruity strawberry tart with flavored patisserie cream and fresh, juicy strawberries with almonds.
Oreo Sweet
Family size sweet, made of cream cheese mixed with Oreo cookies. Simply delicious!
Hazelnut Cake
Light mousse of hazelnuts and chocolate, rich in milk.
Caramel Profiterol
Light pastry choux, stuffed with aromatic vanilla cream, coated with rich caramel glaze.
Caramel Millefeuille
Favorite French dessert recipe "thousand leaves", also known as Napoleon. Made with pastry, fresh cream with vanilla scent.
Dark Chocolate Duchess
Delicious duchess cake rich in chocolate, milk, biscuits and fresh walnuts. Coated with chocolate glaze.
Caramel Paste Log
Delicious caramel paste lent cake, made of rich lent caramel and aromatic cocoa sponge.
No added sugar
Cake with white chocolate and blackberries (no added sugar) made with maltitol
No added sugar Cake
Nutty Praline Cake (no added sugar) with multitol, with chocolate and nuts
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Family Size Sweets & Logs
Biscuit Joconde
Biscuit joconde with dark chocolate mousse and coffee mousse.
Safari goût exotique
Chocolate sponge caked with baked bananas, white chocolate, vanilla flavored mangle, ginger, lime and roasted seeds of coriander and passionfruit.
Morello Berries Chocolate
Crispy tart, cooked forest fruits, vanilla flavored, almond cream and dark chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate and pure 22 carat gold leaf!
new collection-05
Dacquoise biscuit
new collection-06
Individual Fruity Sweets
Are you a fruit lover? At Pandora Bakeries you can enjoy delicious creamy desserts, made of fresh fruits from our pastry chefs and our well experienced staff daily in our workshop.
Delicious light dessert, made of digestive biscuits, creamy cheese and home made forest fruit tart.
Any cake ... for any occasion
In our bakeries, find the most fresh cakes... delicious home-made carrot cakes, duchess cakes with dark or white chocolate.
Individual Sweets to enjoy
Cheesecake, creamy individual sweets and anything you can imagine!

Made always at our pastry workshop, daily from local fresh ingredients.
Oreo Sweet
One of our best sweets... Cream cheese mixed with Oreo cookie. Simply delicious!

Find it also in Family Size.
Chocolate Profiterol - Individual
Light pastry choux, stuffed with aromatic vanilla cream, coated with rich chocolate glaze.
Baba Cake
Sponge syrup filled with rich pastry cream.
White Glazed kok
Flavor soft sponge cake, crème patissiere and white chocolate glaze.
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Individual Sweets
Small Tart Bites
Cocktail Tarts, ideal to offer them to your guests.

Tart made of butter biscuit, rich crème patissiere topped with fresh strawberries.
Baba Cocktail Sweet
Small sweet bite!

Aromatic sponge syrup filled with rich pastry cream.
Chocolate Truffles
Biscuit mixed with rich chocolate, butter and freshly chopped almonds.

Choose between multicolored and chocolate truffles.
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Cocktail Sweets 

About Pandora Bakeries

The Pandora Bakery Chain is a well-established family business that has its roots in the 1960's, with the name of "Acropolis Bakery" by Mrs. Myrianthi, mother of one of the two current owners.

The Pandora Bakeries chain was founded in October 1995 in Nicosia.

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