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Vegan & Vegetarian Products

Coconut Milk 

Vegan Desserts

Creamy and dairy-free homemade coconut vegan desserts.


Choose between delicious tart with whole strawberries, fruit log or traditional galaktompoureko, rice pudding and chocolate cream made from 100% DAIRY FREE ingredients.  

Chocolate & Caramel 

Vegan Desserts

Yes! You can find in Pandora Bakeries vegan desserts, made from dark chocolate or caramel. Douchess cake, chocolate log cake and caramel log cake. Also available in individual portions.


100% DAIRY FREE products, 100% VEGAN, 100% delicious! 

Traditional Syrupy sweets

From traditional classic halva with chopped nuts to rose and chocolate halva! In addition, you can find a variety of traditional syrupy sweets such as syrupy nest with nuts, delicious baklava with the most crispy pastry leafs, kantaifi mixed with delicious nuts!  


As for those who prefer small delicious syrupy bites, you can find cocktail syrupy fingers, pishias made with honey, shiamishi made of semolina cream and other! 

siropiasta diafora.png

Vegan Loaf Cakes 

Light, delicious, moist and puffy vegan cakes, ideal to accompany your coffee or to start your day!


Savory or sweet, we are sure that you will love them.