Fresh & Delicious Food

Always fresh food, made by professional chefs... exclusively from local ingredients. 


Enjoy our freshly prepared, delicious food, made only from the finest local ingredients. Our Chefs and their teams make fresh, healthy meals especially for you every single day. You can enjoy them at your house or in store too!


You can choose between meat, fish and veggie meals, cooked, grilled or roasted, traditional recipes and soups. In addition, you can accompany your meal with our fresh appetizers, as well with our freshly-chopped salads.

Grilled Souvlaki
Enjoy marinated homemade souvlaki on the charcoal, made in our shops from local fresh meat.
Grilled Salmon
For all those who prefer grilled fish dishes, you can enjoy grilled salmon
Food Buffet
In our bakeries, you can find dishes from all over the world. Traditional Cyprus and Greek dishes, barbecue dishes, a large variety of Asian choices as well as pasta dishes
Meat dishes from all over the world
Enjoy dishes from all over the world... Chicken a la creme, Thai Chicken, Chicken with honey and sesame seeds, chicken curry, chicken with honey and mustard sauce
Grilled Chicken Pandora
Whole grilled chicken, the ideal choice for the weekend.

Find it also in our Deal Menu, with rice or potatoes.
Traditional Oven baked Pastitsio
Traditional baked pasta dish with ground beef and béchamel sauce.
Whats for lunch or dinner?
Find the most tasty traditional dishes in our bakeries, made exclusively from local ingredients and by our well experienced chefs and staff daily.
Beef Burger
Delicious juicy burger made by our chefs, with cheddar cheese in pancetta bread, sliced onion and tomato.
Grilled Aubergines
Grilled aubergines, served with fresh tomato sauce and grated anari cheese.
Chicken Dish
Grilled Chicken with cheddar cheese, aubergine and yellow peppers with crunchy wedges potatoes.
Beef burger
Every day, you can find grilled beef and pork burgers, made exclusively from local ingredients and the love of our chefs and well trained staff.
Aubergine with tomato
Grilled aubergines, served with fresh tomato sauce.
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About Pandora Bakeries

The Pandora Bakery Chain is a well-established family business that has its roots in the 1960's, with the name of "Acropolis Bakery" by Mrs. Myrianthi, mother of one of the two current owners.

The Pandora Bakeries chain was founded in October 1995 in Nicosia.

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