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Our 3D Cakes

Personalised 3D cakes.... 
by our 3D cake artists! 

Our 3D cakes are made from the best ingredients, handmade from our well special-trained staff in our confectionery lab in Kaimakli. We can create any design you want, with the filling of your choice. 

Choose between any filling... chocolate mousse, red velvet, duchess cake, ganache chocolate , chocolate brownie, carrot cake are just some of our delicious fillings!

Our aim is to always give you the best and most delicious 3D cake, carefully baked and designed.



Request a quote


Send us your request or a sample photo of the cake you want us to create for you, state for how many people your cake is going to be and we will get back to you. Let Pandora Bakeries take your event over the top with our unique and custom designed cakes and cupcakes. 

Step 1

Find the design of your choice and send it to us

Step 2

State the size of your cake (eg. for home many people) 

Step 3 

Pick the filling of your cake 

Step 4

Email us and/or leave us your phone number and we will get back to you

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