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Our Salads

Salad Buffet with freshly chopped ingredients! 

Our freshly chopped salads are the ideal way to enjoy a healthy light choice as well to accompany your lunch or dinner. Our mission is to bring you fresh, clean from local suppliers and offer you simple and delicious ways to easily add healthy food choices into your busy day.

At Pandora Bakeries you can customize your own salad, with fresh ingredients of your choice from our salad bar. In addition, for those of you who are in rush and want something quick, light and tasteful. You can also find pre-packed salads freshly produced from in our kitchen from our chefs and well-experienced staff. 

7 Delicious & Unique prepacked salads,
made from our experienced team and our chef!  

A combination of the freshest ingredients along with our passion to offer you fresh, quality and delicious food! 

Find it daily in our fridge when you seek something quick but at the same time... gourmet! 

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