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Join the Pandora Family 

                  Pandora was introduced in 2014 to reward our customers who choose and trust Pandora bakeries for their purchases. Here at Pandora bakeries we cherish our customers and try to satisfy their every demand. Because we care about our customers and to help you start collecting your points Mycard Pandora awards each customer with 200pts. Just shop and your card automatically starts to collect points. Watch out for our double, triple and quadruple points on seasonal products for Mycard holders only, take advantage of your offers and discounts daily by simply using your MYCARD Pandora . Shop, collect , and redeem your points today!

Fill out the Form to Join the Pandora Family

Συμπληρώστε τα ποιό κάτω στοιχεία για να γίνετε μέλος της Οικογένειας μας! 

OR Simply print this form and submit it at any Pandora Bakeries Store 

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