Fresh Bread Rolls

since 1960's

The Pandora Bakery chain is a family run business which spurred from the passion and love for handmade quality products. It has its roots back in the 1960s, when has first started operating by the mother of one of the current two owners, Mrs. Myrianthi,, under the name “Acropolis Bakery”.


Now, it holds seven shops, a specialised production workshop and its headquarters, all located in Nicosia and employs more than 250 people. We are known for our freshly baked pastries, specialized breads, delicious handmade cakes, high quality rotisserie, real Italian artisan homemade Gelato ice-cream with fresh milk and fresh real fruits when it comes to Sorbet, as well of our outdoor catering services offering to our customers an unlimited variety of products by our Pandora Catering Department.   

Multiseeds bread 1.jpg


We proudly present you our new high nutritional value

and special breads!


Wholegrain breads, Bio bread, Zeas bread, Low Glycemic Index breads, breads made exclusively of sourdough... are some of our new breads which will amaze you!