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Our homemade ice-cream 

3D Custom-made Cakes
Just dream it... and we create it

Our 3D cakes are made from the best ingredients, handmade from our well special-trained stuff in our confectionery lab in Kaimakli. We can create any design you want, with the filling of your choice. 


Choose between any filling... chocolate mousse, red velvet, duchess cake, ganache chocolate , chocolate brownie, carrot cake are just some of our delicious fillings!

Send your request at and we would happy to assist you.

Pandora ice cream is made from real milk, the freshest ingredients or fruits do not contain any preservatives.    


Our mission is to offer you the best, in-season ice cream, made in our confectionery lab by the owner and our well-experienced staff, because we always use the best, fresh local ingredients.

Homemade Gelato Ice-cream

Gelato has long been known as the original Italian ice cream.


Gelato ice-cream, contains less fat than the usual ice cream, as uses whole fresh milk as a base instead of cream. What is more, contains less air and more flavoring than other kinds of frozen desserts, giving it a density and richness that distinguishes it from other ice creams something that makes it creamier, with more intense flavor and smoother texture.


At Pandora Bakeries we seriously pay attention to use the freshest local ingredients, in order to produce the best quality gelato ice-cream. Flavours resemble the actual food from which they are made, such as pistachio flavor, chocolate or any other fruity flavors.


In addition, we follow the original gelato process making. We do not use any eggs or preservatives… in order to provide to you the best quality original Italian Gelato ice-cream.

Homemade Sorbet Ice-cream

Our homemade frozen delight contains fresh fruits and not any dairy products such as milk, cream or eggs. Very little air is incorporated during the freezing process… thus we have a creamy ice-cream without any milk. Records of frozen sorbet-like desserts date back to the ancient Romans and Chinese, where they were made with snow, fresh fruit pulp and sweetened with honey.


At Pandora Bakeries you can find flavors such as watermelon, strawberry, peach, pomegranate etc.

Homemade Stevia Ice-cream

For all those who prefer to consume sugar-free ice-creams, Pandora Bakeries offers a variety of flavors with the natural sweetener stevia.


Thus, now you can enjoy sugar-free low calorie tasty homemade ice-cream. You can find a variety of ice-cream types, such as Gelato or Sorbet.

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