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Biscuits & Muffins

At Pandora Bakeries, you can find amazing biscuits and cookies, cooked to perfection! You can find a large variety of freshly baked biscuits and American cookies, seven days a week! 

The following are just some of our large variety of treats, you can find at Pandora Bakeries. 

Homemade Biscuits  

At Pandora Bakeries, you can find fresh, hand tossed pizza made from the freshest and finest local ingredients... made from scratch, from our well trained staff. Choose from any recipe listed below or simply ‘’create your own’’, order it and is going to be ready in just 20 minutes. 

Freshly chopped veggies and other ingredients give the pizzas a perfectly homemade taste and our ovens cook them to perfection. 


In addition, you can find several sizes of your favorite Pandora's pizza in our Bakeries. You can either create your own family size pizza (requires an order), individual pizza slices or small pizza slices (cocktail). 


Our commitment to quality ingredients, like homemade dough, fresh sauce and the strict loyalty perfection are some of our characteristics. 

If you want great, fresh pizza there is only one place to go! 

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