Easter Products

Easter Products
Traditional Flaounas with raisins
Stuffed with the finest cheeses and raisins baked to perfection.
Traditional Flaouna
Traditional Easter Cypriot cheese pie.

Stuffed with the finest cheeses, baked to perfection.
Flaounas with anari and raisins
Traditional Easter Cypriot cheese pie.

Traditional flaouna stuffed with anari cheese and raisins,.
Sweet Flaounas (Varosiotiki)
Traditional Cypriot cheese pie.

Varosiotikes sweet flaounes stuffed with hallumi, cheese and raisins.
Flaounas with anari
Traditional Easter Cypriot pie (flaouna) stuffed with hallumi and cheese.
Flaouna with hemp seeds.
Traditional Easter Cypriot cheese pie.

Traditional flaounas stuffed with cheese and hemp seed
Traditional Flaounas
6 traditional delicious choices ... to enjoy during Easter
Traditional Homemade Paskia
Easter pie with filling.

The filling is made up of small pieces of lamb meat... mixed with the cheese filling of flaounes.
Traditional - Classic Tsourekia
Tsoureki is a type of braided bread which is traditionally made in Greece to celebrate Easter.

Find types of classic tsourekia...
Traditional Classic Tsoureki
Traditional with sugar coating
Traditional with freshly grated almonds
Oreo Tsoureki
A must try!

Moist tsoureki stuffed with with white chocolate and delicious crisply Oreo cookies.
Ferrero Rocher Tsoureki
One of our best selling stuffed tsourekia!

Creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces... make this tsoureki irresistible!
Orange Flavored Tsoureki
With no doubt ... a delicious tsoureki, ideal for all those who love orange & chocolate combination!

Stuffed with milk chocolate and orange
Chocolate Tsoureki
Delicious chocolate tsoureki... for all chocolate lovers...

Stuffed and coated with milk chocolate
Tsoureki Menu
11+ delicious choices ... to enjoy during Easter
Find the most delicious homemade tsourekia, only at Pandora Bakeries.
Easter Themed Biscuits
Enjoy the most beautiful and delicious biscuits, made exclusively from our talented team.

Find it in store... or just order them!
Easter cupcakes... impress kids with the most beautiful designs
3D Easter Themed Cakes
We can create any design, any them... in just 3 working days.

Just contact us!
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Fasten Products
Carob Cake
Delicious handmade carob cake to enjoy through out the lent period,
Caramel Log Cake
Who said that you cant enjoy delicious sweets during the lent period?
Chocolate Cake
Dark chocolate cake, delicious sponge chocolate cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake, ideal to accompany your coffee.
Duchess Log (Doukissa)
Dark chocolate, biscuits and vegetable butter.
Duchess Cake (Doukissa) piece
Craving a sweet? You can also find or delicious duchess lent cake as individual piece.
Caramel Cake piece
Enjoy the most delicious caramel cake with vegetable cream, delicious aromatic chocolate sponge topped with delicious caramel glaze.
Carrot cake
Carrots, roasted walnuts, and almonds. Ideal to start your day or to enjoy throughout the day.
Two color Rose halva
Delicious homemade halva, with semolina, rosewater and rose cordial syrup.
Two color chocolate halva
For all chocolate lovers. Traditional chocolate halva, with semolina, rosewater and cocoa.
Traditional Halva
Traditional halva, with semolina, nuts and rosewater
Nest (Folia)
Syrupy baklava leaves, stuffed with fresh grated almonds.
Olive Bun
One of our best selling products... bun rich in olives.
Olive pie
Traditional olive pie cake, rich in olives and coriander.
Gianniotiko Traditional Sweet
Family size syrupy sweet, made of kadaifi, baklava leaves, syrup and pistachio.
Mushroom and potato pie
Delicious pie stuffed with potato and mushrooms.
Spinach & Mushroom Pie
Pie pastry with spinach and mushrooms
Traditional Pumpkin Pie
Kolokoti (Cypriot pumpkin pie). Α snack that is neither sweet nor sour and can be ideally matched with your afternoon coffee.

or whatever you want.
Traditional Cypriot Pishies. A syrupy sweet coated with crushed almonds.
Taxini mini nistisima snacks
Traditional Cypriot pastry, made of tahini and cinnamon.
Farfalle pasta
Delicious farfalle pasta, made with prawns and coconut milk
Oven cooked Aubergines
Prawn Noodles
One of our best selling dishes. Noodles mixed with freshly chopped vegetables and... prawns!
kalamari  nistisima
Cooked octabus with wine, mixed with vegetables.
Pasta Puttanesca
Italian pasta dish made of tomatoes, olive oil and vegetables.
Tourlou Tourlou
A traditional dish, made of the most wonderfully delicious mix up of vegetables!
Stuffed Vegetables (Gemista)
Stuffed Vegetables with rice, cooked in the oven. One traditional recipe.
Vegetable Soup
During Lenten period, you can find the most delicious non-met soups such as fish soup, vegetable soup and others.
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