About Pandora Bakeries

The Pandora Bakery Chain is a well-established family business that has its roots in the 1960's, with the name of "Acropolis Bakery" by Mrs. Myrianthi, mother of one of the two current owners.

The Pandora Bakeries chain was founded in October 1995 in Nicosia.

Find us at

22, Dighenis Akritas Str,

1045 Nicosia





phone:  +357 22 466 066

fax:  +357 22 345 905

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Our Bread 

Our bread is produced every day and is based on local fresh ingredients, the art of our experienced bakers and, above all, our passion for offering you fresh, quality products every day.

Our The workshop, mainly handmade in Kaimakli, where they use fresh local raw materials. They have We have been certified by ISO 22000: 2005 and for us it is extremely important to ensure that all hygiene rules and procedures, such as HACCP, are properly observed in the production of our products. 

Rustic bread
A traditional family bread fermented with rustic flour, sourdough and yeast.
Vienna Bread
Soft and tasty family bread made with with the authentic Austrian recipe, with farina and yeast.
Rustic Sesame Bread
Traditional bread fermented with rustic flour and sourdough, coated with sesame seeds.
Daktlylia Bread
A traditional bread of rustic flour and sourdough, scented with cinnamon and mahleb, coated with sesame.
Monastery Bread
Bread maturated slowly, made from rye sourdough, rye flour and wheat flour.
Lamarina Bread
Special bread, matured slowly, fermented with rustic flour and wheat sourdough.
Thessaloniki Bun
Healthy bread for a balanced diet. Fermented with whole meal flour, whole meal flour mill, farina and sourdough.
Ciabatta Bread
Family Italian ciabatta bread, maturated slowly, with sourdough and yeast. Crispy outside and fluffy on the inside.
French Baguette
Delicious traditional French baguette recipe fermented with rustic flour, farina, yeast, olive oil and French sourdough.
White Bread Roll with sesame
Bread roll coasted with sesame, ideal to make sandwiches of your choice for each hour.
White Bread Roll with Sesame
Round bread coated with sesame, ideal to make your favorite burgers.
White Bread Roll
Round bread fermented with farina flour and yeast, ideal to make your favorite burgers
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White Bread
Wholegrain Bread 
Wholemeal brown bread
Nothing smells better than a homemade bread, hot from the oven, fresh and natural due to the rye flour, light, soft inside with a crusty crust. Find the tradition in all of Pandora's shops!
Barley Bread
A fine bread, maturated slowly, fermented with 2 different flours, wheat flour, barley flour and barley sourdough.
French Wholemeal Baguette
A french baguette with a slight variation from the original. It is fermented with whole meal farina, rustic flour, yeast and French sourdough.
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ZEA Bread
Delicious bread with a high nutritional value, with a low glycemic index, as it is made of Zea flour.
Multi Seed Bread
A deliciously flavored bread that combines crispy crust and fluffy soft inside. A delicious flavor combination of oatmeal, oat flakes, wheat corn, sunflower, linseed and pumpkin seeds high in fiber content, low in salt and carbohydrates with low Glycemic Index.
Dinkel bread
From Ancient ramming wheat, whole grain flour and yeast, enriched with delicious sunflower seeds, broken Dinkelgrains and apple fibers
Chia Bread
A combination of seeds and grain flour, with the key seed being Chia, Sourdough rye and barley malt are combined producing a source of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
Champion Bread
Delicious bread from wheat, oats, corn, barley, rye and millet.
Bio Bread 100%
Enriched with organic flours and seeds, including rye flour, wheat flour, sunflower seeds and sourdough. Rich in natural fibers.
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High Nutrition Value Bread